Products & Services

Suburban Lumber is proud to partner with industry leaders. We expect commitment and dedication from our suppliers - just as you expect commitment and dedication from us. With your permission we file for all manufacturing rebates available on the products we sell. Rebates are filed and communicated back to our customers monthly. In this competative environment it is the sum of many small opportunities that keep your costs low - and improve your bottom line.  

Structural Framing Packages

Quality products. Primary species include SPF, DF&L, & treated SYP. Also stock noncombustible lumber and panels.

Roof and Floor Trusses

Quality manufactured truss products designed to your specifications and shipped on schedule to the job site

Engineered Wood Products

Custom designed floor systems, roof systems, headers, beams, and tall wall systems


Asphalt and steel roofing products for pitched roof systems

Windows and Exterior Doors

Quality Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

Exterior Trim, Soffit, Siding, Columns, Decking, Ceiling, and Rail Products

From vinyl, fiber cement, wood, wood composite, engineer wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, to PVC - in a variety of grades, styles, and colors...

Interior Millwork

Interior millwork products in a wide variety of styles and species.

Kitchen & Bath

Quality K&B products coupled with Top Notch Designers

Closet and Storage Systems from Real Closet

Real wood products from Real Closet