About Suburban Lumber

Suburban Lumber is a contractor lumberyard. 90% of our sales are to professionals - with the other 10% to consumers. The majority of the products are delivered to the jobsite with our large fleet of trucks and material handling equipment. Most employees on the Suburban team have been with us for a major portion of their working careers. We mix this experience with our philosophy of continious improvement to make Suburban the best value for our customers. 

Suburban Lumber was founded in 1958 by Joe Flynn and John Plotz - and is still family owned and operated. Our relationship with our suppliers and business partners is rock solid. We treat our business associates as our partners and expect the same in return.

                                  At the core of Suburban Lumber is the people. We all know our future is dependent on your success.

                                                                                    Our job is to make our customers successful.